Family Owned & Operated
Second-Hand Furniture Store in Cairns

Dedicated to Customer Service

CCA Secondhand has been in operation for over thirty years. We are a local family-owned business providing Cairns and surrounding suburbs using our expert knowledge of furniture products to help you find something that suits your budget and lifestyle. With our new fleet of trucks we can also help you with the removal of your old furniture and delivery of the new.


One of the reasons that we have been in the industry for so long is our dedication to customer service. Our experience goes beyond furniture. We are passionate about helping people meet their needs and their budgets and we are dedicated to helping them design and create new living spaces. Our extensive knowledge of second-hand furniture and furnishings makes this possible.

Growing Our Business Relationships

Over the last thirty years we have grown our relationships with local businesses, suppliers and customers. The growth of these partnerships is an important part of our business and contributes to the success of CCA Secondhand. As a family owned and operated business, we want our customers and business partners to also feel part of our family.

Meet Our Team

Steve Smith

Steve is the owner of CCA Secondhand. His wide knowledge of second-hand furniture is matched by his passion to helping customers make the right choices. His smile and friendly manner show his true love for our business.


Sharlyne is married to Steve and spends most of her time behind the scenes. A hairdresser by trade she loves a chat as much as she loves to help customers choose the right furniture. Her friendly approach is another key to our success.


Merril is a familiar face in store, having worked in the business for years.

Her extensive knowledge of second-hand furniture and antiques provides excellent customer service.


Sharon is a dedicated team member, with a knowledge of furniture and retail within our store. Having many years of retail experience across Cairns and is a well loved CCA member by all that meet here. Sharon makes everyone feel very welcomed.

Call 07 4032 3205 today or send a message and we will use our knowledge and expertise to answer your questions.