Second Hand Furniture Pick Up and Delivery in Cairns

Our Services

CCA Secondhand continues to be the largest supplier of second-hand furniture in the area of Cairns. Over thirty years our services have continued to grow and we are now more than a second-hand furniture shop; we are a company that supplies transport to help our customers create living spaces and, best of all, a home that feels like their own thanks to furniture that matches their personal style.


Delivering new and second-hand furniture from our store and local suppliers.

Pick Up

We pick up your new furniture from suppliers and second-hand furniture to be sold.

Schedule a Pick up or Delivery

CCA Secondhand delivers second hand and new furniture and homewares from our store. If you want to relocate or sell your furniture, please contact us for a quote. We service Cairns City, Southside, Redlynch, Brinsmead, Smithfield and Northern Beaches.


Our services are available in the Cairns area Tuesday through to Thursday.
Beaches and Northside area delivery 9am to 12pm $70 - $85
Cairns City Areas 3pm to 5pm - $60
Southside (Bayview, Woree, Edmonton, Bentley Park) 12pm -2pm - $70
Gordonvale and Goldsborough Valley -  $95

Send us a message about our delivery and pick up service around Cairns,or call our team
on 07 4032 3205 today.